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Jessica Williams speaks with Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs about Army regulation AR 670-1

Jessica Williams and Travon (one of the staff writers) do it again!

This is why white women can’t be in the natural hair movement

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Black Jesus Expanded Trailer | Adult Swim


You will not win if a loss isn’t possible.


#gallery219 “The Nothing” Exhibit going on right now.

#gallery219 “The Nothing” Exhibit going on right now.

Has TMZ announced where Lebron James will be signing yet? I’m not sure I can trust Broussard and them…

I just want to work hard; a hard that isn’t comparable to another person’s lazy…


Monday Morning Motivation for 7/7/14

An EXCELLENT Monday Morning to YOU and the PEOPLE you care about:


Chip Away.

Chip Away at it.

Don’t allow for the cracks to fill up with your procrastinated failures. Fill up your goals with oxygen; attack them with everything you have, even if what you have isn’t much or enough. All that matters is if you’re going to stop doing doing something, stop with action, not inaction. 

Chip away at it… 

Every person isn’t going to like you. But when you know for sure who doesn’t, life becomes that much easier.